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Publisher Horncastle History & Heritage Society                                                        Issue No 6                                                                                        January 2017                                                


Chris & Julie Bates

Colin Gascoyne

Roger Hammond

Nicola Marshall

Heather Slater

Mel & Chris Walker

We hope you will enjoy your association with the Society.  Any comments or ideas are always welcome.



Mary Silverton – Chairman, Archives & Website

Trevor Butterworth – Secretary & distribution

Ruth Addison - Treasurer

Chrissie Chapman – Membership Secretary

Michael Hieatt – Planning officer

Bob Wayne – Publicity

Jean Forgham - Speakers

Marilyn Hieatt – Event & meeting organiser

Ann Clark – Event assistant



 The U3A History Group joined us one more for this visit in October, and I know that they thoroughly enjoyed it. We all found what has been preserved at the Hall quite astonishing and our guide informed us of its many illustrious visitors over the years. Particularly impressive is the kitchen with its enormous fireplace. Our guide was excellent and made the tour fun as well as interesting and her account of how many everyday sayings came into being were astounding.  Bob Wayne even managed to include a reference to ‘tights’ in our Christmas quiz.

View of the Great Hall (pictures not available on line)


15th March         Richard D’Arcy, Smuggling on the Lincolnshire Coast

30th April            Lincolnshire Voices of the Great War Exhibition – Stanhope Hall

17th May             AGM

19th July              Alan Maskell, Lincolnshire Fire Service



The Society’s Executive decided to award Honorary membership to Colin Gascoyne in November 2016. Colin was co-author of the Society’s book ‘ Horncastle’s Great War’ and has donated all his part of the profits to the Society.




Most of you will have received the report by Sheila Jonkers on the progress on carrying out a survey of the Roman Wall at the Community Centre with a view to finding the best way of preserving it for the future. (the report is on the website)

One of our Members has generously contributed to this fund as he loves to see old things preserved.  If anyone else feels the same, please feel free.  As the Society has agreed to make up the difference on the 20% community contribution needed, it is hoped that the survey should take place soon, preferably before vegetation starts to grow again. Please see photo above of part of the Roman Wall seldom seen off Dog Kennel Lane.(Sorry, couldn’t turn it around)


TOWN TRAILthe  changes to the Town Trail leaflet are being progressed .  We hope to extend the walk and update the information.  It is a nice easy walk around the town which tells much of the basic history and is very useful for visitors to the town.


Gillian Mauger, Michael Hieatt and Mary Silverton are working on a project to erect about ten Information Boards around the town to work with the Town Trail leaflet.  This project is supported by the ‘Horncastle Matters Group’ and is aimed at promoting tourism in the town . The boards will provide information about the history of the town and its famous forefathers. It will also show pictures of buildings which have disappeared but were important to the town. The boards will enable visitors to the town to explore the town and its heritage even when the Tourist Information Centre is closed.  If you feel you could help on this project, please let me know as we would welcome additional skills.



The event takes place on Sunday 10th September this year and Chrissie Chapman is leading a group organising the Society’s contribution.  We think it will be very exciting and interesting.  We have arranged to have tours of the old Victorian Police cells at the Police Station and will also have displays in Chatterton’s offices themed on: Crime at the Horse Fair; legal documents connected to the town; punishment over the centuries and possibly  Marwood if this item does not clash with other organisations. 

The title of the event is HORNCASTLE’S HORRID HISTORY’  which we hope will entice people in.



This group is an extension of the original ‘Three Way meeting’ Group, which comprised the HHH Society, the Town Council and the Federation for Trade Commerce & Industry.  It was decided to widen its membership last year so that more organisations in the town are working together, rather than each pursuing separate but similar goals.  St Mary’s Church and the Sir Joseph Banks Society became members and the name changed.  The main aim of the group for the time being is to promote tourism to the town, as it is felt this is the main way the Town will thrive. The group is currently trying to get Brown Tourism signs for the town and also the Information Boards.



Sales of this Society book have gone very well and  have contributed to the Society’s funds.  It received a very good review from the SLHA and is still on sale at Perkins or through the website at £16.50.  Thank you for your support.

The DVD ‘Horncastle Yesterday & Today’ is available at £9.99.



Most of you will be aware that in mid January, the Society was given six months’ notice to quit the archive room at the Sir Joseph Banks Centre, due to the room being needed to house the Lincolnshire Herbarium, a project of National importance.

This news is quite devastating to the group of Members who have been working since 2013 to provide a wonderful historical record of this town and its people.  The documents there provide an excellent research facility for anyone wanting information about Horncastle.  It is essential that we find somewhere else in the town to house these records or they will have to go to Lincoln, or worse still to someone’s cellar, to perhaps be lost forever.

Some of these documents are UNIQUE and as such PRICELESS.

                A full record of the Horse Fair with complete

                documentation for each year from 1802.

                Records of Horncastle College from inception to Closure including programmes of courses          offered.

                Probably one of the best records of a childrens’ home of the period 1930 to 1960.

                Complete military information on all the soldiers from Horncastle who died in WW1.

                Famous people from Horncastle and also well- known Local residents

                List of businesses and pubs in the town from the 17th century.

                Maps from all periods of the town’s development

                Hundreds of photos and many DVD’s

                History of the town.

I am looking for about four people to assist me in seeking alternative premises.  I need someone with Meida experience, someone who is willing to look at possible funds, and people who will pursue and research alternative locations.  Contact 523091



( Photos not shown in website format)

Previous location – The Wong










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