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Roman wall survey - Progress report
Report from Sheila Jonkers on the proposed survey of the Roman Wall

Subject: Report Roman Wall Preservation Project

Mary Silverton and I had a discussion at the beginning of September 2016 and we agreed that the whole subject had become eerily silent. We agreed that I, Sheila Jonkers, would take up the project again and try to find out why the whole business seemed to have stalled.

I spoke with Ben Robinson at Historic England on September 7th. Ben at this point said he had heard nothing from Horncastle and from the Horncastle side I was told that they had heard nothing from Ben Robinson and had not been able to gain contact with him. At this point in time it is not important who did, or did not do what.

This is how my negotiations have proceeded.

I spoke several times with Ben Robinson and he appointed Hanna Darby to be an intermediary contact at Historic England. So, at the request of HHHSoc. and also at the request of the Horncastle Community Centre Management Committee I am the new contact for the grant application, initially for funding for a survey of the condition of the Wall. An official funding application was made on behalf of the HCCMC on the 15-01-2016. Historic England confirmed the application for funding had been received by them and they sent me a copy.

A Mr. David Watt, who is a Chartered Building Surveyor and Historic Buildings Consultant, Associate Director (Easton) Hutton + Rostron Environmental Investigations Ltd.,Lovedon House, Gelston, Lincs. , was approached to submit a tender relating to sections of the Roman Wall. A full tender was submitted by him in November 2015. I also discovered that the outgoing chairman of the Community Centre Commitee had given papers to Mr. Bob Wayne, who was very helpful in allowing me to see the papers relating to the Wall and also made photocopies for me during our meeting. The papers contained a copy of the tender submitted by David Watt. I contacted him and he confirmed that, despite the time-lapse, he would still like to do the survey.

Although I was assured that the tender had been sent to Historic England, they seemed unsure whether they had received it, so I promptly offered to send them a copy which was received with thanks. The outcome of the phone-conversations, emails etc., over a period of 4 months was that the tender submitted by David Watt contained everything they'd asked for in 2015.

On 20th of December 2016 Hanna Darby confirmed on the telephone that we would get funding. That is to say, the cost of David Watt's tender 00000, excluding VAT. I yet have to ascertain if the cost has gone up as the tender dates back a year.

This includes site visits,travel and expenses. Of that amount we, as a community, have to find 20%. I have also been fundraising and have £127 in the Bank, and a promise of a further £200, but this has problems, as paperwork appears to have been lost. I can only hope that the problems can be resolved, because that would be a useful sum of money.

What will happen now is that the project will go to Penny Evans for her perusal.

During the business of trying to get this project moved on I have built up good contact with Stewart Attwood, the new chairman of the Community Centre Committee. We had meetings and his input has been extremely useful. I have met with the Committee and Stewart has also reported back to the Committee on the progress we are making. We await communications from Penny Evans and hopefully work can begin soon.

Sheila Jonkers January 2017

Persons mentioned above:

Ben Robinson --- Principal advisor heritage at risk for Historic England

Hanna Darby --- Business officer and Planning group at Historic England

Penny Evans ---Heritage at risk surveyor at Historic England

Additional Note M Silverton

At the Executive Committee meeting on 12th January 2017, it was agreed that, in the event of the £200 being unavailable, the balance of the 20% deposit for this survey would be met by the HHHS.