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Robert Bell talks about Auctioneering and his Family History
This document is about the auctions held in the town, ie. cattle, and later, the antiques and household furniture. It is the history of the Robert Bell Company.

"My name is Robert Lawrence Hay Bell and all but the Lawrence (which was my maternal grandfather's name) followed my father's and grandfather's names. I have followed in their footsteps, as an auctioneer so I am going to tell you a bit about our family history."

13 pages, lot of photographs and images of historical documents.

Click to download:- Robert-Bell-Auctioneering-and-Family-History.pdf

(PDF document; 14.5MB)

Gladys Parson Interview 2004
Extracts from an interview recorded in October 2004 with Gladys Parson (nee Brackenbury), born in Horncastle.

'Those Childhood Days'

"I lived in Mill Lane for a short time but Rose Cottage Louth Road Horncastle was the home I best remember as a child and the cottage is still there. I was just 5 years old when the First World War began, food was in short supply for a lot of people, and we had very little money in the family purse."

Interview_Gladys_Parson.doc - click to download the transcript (.doc - 22KB)