Horncastle Then & Now

The Civic Society produced the book Horncastle Then & Now to commemorate the Millennium. It has some beautiful sketches by David Vale which reconstruct the town previous to the photography age.


 Horncastle Yesterday & Today

As a sequel to this publication, a DVD was also produced entitled Horncastle Yesterday & Today. through computer animations and re-enactments of historical events and eminent people, it aims to entertain and inform.  By recording the recollections of some of the more elderly residents alongside the thoughts and aspiration of younger people, it is anticipated that this film will become part of the history of Horncastle.

Still available to buy at Perkins Newsagent for £9.99

Horncastle's Great War  

 Produced in September 2016, this book contains the stories of all the soldier's commemorated on the war memorials in the town. It also contains fascinating details about life in the town at the time of WW1. There are extracts from soldier's letters home and information about the fund raising the people of the town carried out to support the 'lads'.  There are articles on Munition workers, agriculture and women at war as welll as Belgian Refugees and Spanish Flu.

Price £16.50 - available via the website or at Perkins Newsagents - SOLD OUT 

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