Street Maps & Aerial Views
Street maps of Horncastle from various periods are presented. Aerial maps from the 1970s reveal the Town Centre and surrounding neighbourhoods.
Famous People
A review of a number of  famous people associated with Horncastle from the 1700s onwards.
Blue Plaques
The Heritage Blue Plaques identify places and items of historical interest in Horncastle. THere are a total of 15 Blue Plaques currently in place.
Listed Buildings
A large number of listed buildings are located within the respective conservation areas particularly along West Street into Horncastle Town Centre.
Places of Interest
Owing to the varied history of Horncastle there are numerous places of interest which reflect the changes in the economic welfare of the Town.
There have been schools in Horncastle since the early 14th century. Grammar schools and National schools allied with a number of prep schools have provided the basis for education in Horncastle over the centuries.
Places of Worship attributed to the Anglicans, Methodists, Primitive Methodists and Baptists can be found in Horncastle.
History of St Mary's Church
Horncastle's oldest standing building partly dating back to the late 12th century.