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HHHS Members' work on sculptures for the memorial garden on show at this ceremony.  (See 'About us, Events' for full story and Pictures) 


National Recognition for Sheila Jonkers and Horncastle Library

The historian, Mary Beard, organised a competition for libraries to mark the publication of her latest book.
The team-leader of Horncatle Library contacted Sheila to help with a display, as Sheila has worked with the library before and helped organise Roman days, etc for them. 
It was decided to do the theme as a Roman kitchen as Sheila had a collection of Roman artefacts and everyday Roman clothing.  Sheila even managed to make a mock up of a Roman stove and added vegetables, spices and herbs and information about Roman eating habits.  A shop mannequin was dressed as an ordinary Roman woman.
Obviously, this display of ordinary Roman life ticked all the boxes with Mary Beard who also brings out the effects of political history on everyday life, as Horncastle Library display won the competition.
They have won a hamper of goodies which they have kindly donated to Sheila for all her work and a signed copy of Mary Beard's book 'S.P.Q.R'.
As you know Sheila organises walks around Horncastle's Roman Walls and is leading the fight for them to be protected and maintained to the standard you would expect for an historic monument, 
Our congratulations to all involved. 

Society visits new Flood Defence Scheme 
On Wednesday 2nd March a party from the Horncastle History and Heritage Society visited the site at Hemingby Mill where the new flood relief reservoir is being built.
The group were welcomed  by Paul Arnold, the Environment Agency’s  catchment officer  for Lincolnshire who showed plans of the proposed earth dam and explained the challenges encountered by the contractors VPA. At the time of the visit there was pause in operations due the wet  ground conditions however  heavy plant should be back  working on the site by the end of March. There had already been a delay when more archaeology than was anticipated  was discovered.
 Hemingby Flood Defence
Paul then handed over to David Stopes Site Engineer for VPA who led the party round the site including into the massive concrete spillway which will automatically control the water from the River Bain. The party were able to walk though the chamber though very shortly the river will be diverted and the original water course backfilled though downstream the water will still flow past the old water mill a listed building.
From the new structure the intrepid visitors waded across the muddy site to the area where the removal of top soil had revealed enigmatic archaeological remains. Wooden posts, thousands of years old could clearly be seen together woven wattle panels. To date their purpose has not been established, they could simply be there to reinforce the river bank or maybe the inhabitants had devised a means of harvesting the river fish.
One thing is certain is that the visitors were not the first people on that site. 
Submitted by Bob Wayne 

The Horncastle History & Heritage Society
Founded in 1966 as the Horncastle Civic Society - an independent and non-political body dedicated to safeguarding and preserving the rich heritage of our ancient market town. We act as a leading voice in the development and growth of the Town.
The Society endeavours to highlight the heritage of the Town whilst promoting places of interest and activities in Horncastle to generate local pride and community spirit allied with an expanding tourist trade.

Society Meetings

Meetings are held approx. every six weeks at the Admiral Rodney Hotel on North Street.

A speaker is generally invited to every other meeting, whilst the ordinary meetings give Members an opportunity to contribute to the business of the Society.

Non-members are very welcome to attend to see if this is the kind of group they wish to get involved with.

See 'About Us' for details of next meeting 

Working for the town

Protecting and Enhancing

Working with the Town and District Councils on planning and conservation issues, to protect Horncastle's historic environment but also trying to make it an even more pleasant and interesting place to live and work.

Informing and Learning

We love to discover more about our town. Its history going back to Roman times and before and the influences of the railways and canals on its prosperity and the effect of the huge horsefairs on its social evolvement. We invite you to share it all with us.

Preserving our history 

TheSociety's archive centre at the Sir Jospeph Banks Centre contains lots of information about the town.  It has a large photograph collection.

Horncastle History on DVD available again

The DVD 'Horncastle Yesterday and Today' first produced in 2006 as a follow up to the 'Now & Then' book is again on sale at Perkins Newsagents and the Sir Joseph Banks' Centre for £9.99.
A must for anyone interested in the town's history.