Horncastle Through The Ages
An abbreviated history of Horncastle from 400AD to the present day.
Roman Horncastle
The Romans occupied a site in Horncastle from 78AD to 400AD with a fort and settlement possibly the Banovallum mentioned in historical records.
The Horse Fair
The Horncastle Horse Fair was established in the 13th century, expanded greatly in the 18th and 19th century becoming the largest in Europe until its demise in the mid 20th century.
The Horncastle Canal
A brief review of the construction and operation of the Horncastle canal and the changes it brought to the Town.
The Railway
A brief history of the Horncastle and Woodhall Junction Railway and its influence on the prosperity of Horncastle and surrounding villages
Industrial Heritage
The Industrial Heritage section reviews the impact of the Canal and Railway on the industrialisation of parts of Horncastle and the changes brought to the prosperity of the Town.
Holmleigh Workhouse
In the 1930s the former Union Workhouse site was converted into a childrens home and renamed Holmleigh. A number of "cottage homes" were erected to the south of the original building. Each cottage held 20 children. Holmleigh was closed in 1969.
Horncastle in WW1
An exhibition including films, poetry and re-enactments to commemorate the town's war dead and the local involvement in WW1.
Saturday and Sunday, 13th and 14th September 2014.