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Lincolnshire Voices of the Great War Exhibition

The Society has arranged for the exhibition which took place at Lincoln Castle at the same time as 'The Poppies', will be available to view at Stanhope Hall, Boston Road, Horncastle on Sunday 30th April from 10am to 4pm.

Through themed banners you can discover the personal stories and experiences of Lincolnshire people on both the battlefield and the home front, often in their own words.  Themes will include:

  • the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme,
  • the contribution that Lincolnshire made to the war effort with its aviation industry and developments and production of the first tanks,
  • the changing roles of women,
  • care of the wounded and much more.

There will also be an opportunity to see the individual stories of the 131 men from Horncastle who died in the War and the book 'Horncastle's Great War' will be available for sale.

Refreshments will be available at a small charge, but entrance will be Free.

The venue is fully accessible. 

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Talk by Richard D'Arcy - Smuggling on the NE Lincolnshire coast
Did you know that smuggling happened in Lincolnshire?



Did we really have smugglers in Lincolnshire?  When was this?

Where did they come from and what did they smuggle?


Find out more at

Admiral Rodney Hotel

WEDNESDAY 15th MARCH 2017 7.30pm

Everyone welcome





Horncastle History & Heritage Society – Minutes of a Meeting of the Executive Committee held on the 12th January 2017 at 1415 hours at No. 4 Low Toynton Close, Horncastle
Present: Mary Silverton (MS) Chairman, Jean Forgham (JF), Annie Clark (AC), Marilyn Hieatt (MH), Bob Wayne (BW), Ruth Addison (RA), Michael Hieatt (MH) Planning & Trevor Butterworth (TB) Minutes Sec.
Apologies: Chrissie Chapman (CC)
Item 1. Apologies for Absence
 MS accepted apologies from those detailed above.
Item 2. Approval of Executive Minutes 10/11/16 & Matters Arising
 These Minutes were agreed as a reasonably true record of what took place. Under Matters Arising MS said the "Voices of the Great War” exhibition material included some 25 pop-up banners, Quizzes and various other related items and all at no charge to interested parties! Unless, of course we might be using them to sell things! We would also have to collect and return these items. A short debate agreed we should take advantage of this offer and plan for a March/April date. As for the Christmas Fair and the Christmas Meal, all agreed both were a great success.
Item 3. Correspondence
 MS said there is now an EMACHS website available which renders expensive hard copy access obsolete for those interested and that ELDC now has a Visitors Link available on its website. MS has the details.
Item 4. Financial Report
 RA said the CCLA account had now been closed but "difficulties” had been experienced with the bank regard signatories to the new mandate. Until these difficulties have been resolved it will be necessary for MS to retain the cheque and paying-in books.
Item 5. Planning Report from Mr M Hieatt
 See attached report - in Planning section of website 
Item 6. Heritage Weekend 2017 - Progress
 MS said the group had met on the 6th December and good progress had been made. Next meeting of the group is scheduled for the 27th January
Item 7. Arrangements and Publicity for the Meeting on the 18th January.
 MS expressed disquiet regarding the apparent lack of posters distributed and said there are posters available in the SJB Centre if members could assist with this requirement. MS said a copy of the poster had already been emailed to all members but we needed to attract non-members as well.

Item 8. Consideration of comment to ELDC regarding its apparent change of policy with respect to
UPVC windows in the Conservation Area.
 MH said ELDC appear to be making decisions on individual cases rather than adhering to an
unequivocal policy regarding UPVC windows. MS said we need ELDC to clarify the situation. MH agreed to
write to ELDC seeking such clarification.
Item 9. Progress on Roman Wall Conservation
 MS read out the report from Sheila Jonkers. See attached Report or will be forwarded later.
Item 10. Replacement of Planters on West Street
MH said there is now the possibility/probability of Horncastle Town Council funding being made
available for new planters...!
Item 11. Proposed Entry for the Flora Murray Award
MS said this is an SLHA award and last year we had put forward the horse sculptures. After some
debate it was agreed to put forward the WW1 book this year
Item 12. Repainting of the Horse Statues
MS said there is a need to resolve how these statues should be preserved and there are widely
different proposals from our two "in-house” experts. BW (expert No.1) said the statues are made of mild steel
and will eventually continue to rust if left untreated and he advocated a degree of de-rusting be carried out
followed by re-painting; however David Birchall (expert No.2) believed the best solution was to uplift the
statues, have them shot-blasted and then powder coated before replacement. After some debate it was
agreed that although the uplifting proposal had long-term merits it would be very expensive and therefore a
proposal by RA, seconded by TB to opt for re-paining this year was carried unanimously with the proviso this
subject be reviewed in twelve months time.
Item 13. Progress on Projects
 MS said there will be a meeting next week with the HTC Clerk regarding the proposed notice boards.
Item 14. Any Other Relevant Matters
MS said the annual Heckington Show is always well attended and we now have an opportunity to have
a presence at the next event on the 29th/30th July this year. The cost will be £25.00 . Debated and agreed.
Item 15. Date of Next Meeting
It was agreed the next Executive Committee Meeting would be held on the 2nd March 2017 at
No. 4 Low Toynton Close. Commencing at 2.15pm.
Trevor Butterworth
Minutes Secretary

History of the East Lincolnshire line

On the evening of Wednesday January 18th at 7.30 at the Admiral Rodney Hotel in Horncastle, retired broadcaster, film producer and railway historian, Mike Fowler, gave an excellent presentation titled

'The Origins, Development and Decline of the East Lincolnshire Railway'.

Mike is an avid collector of railway signs and an authority on this particular line as he grew up in Firsby and watched many of the trains which connected to Grimsby and Peterborough, from steam trains through to the diesels.  He showed how each part of the line developed and how it was paid for.  He showed a very emotive film of steam trains using the line and photos of the many passengers who used the junction to travel to Skegness and Mablethorpe for their holidays.His presentation attracted an audience of over 60 people on a very foggy night, but all agreed that it was well worth coming out.  He is currently working on a presentation about the branch lines, which will include the Horncastle and Woodhall line and he was persuaded to come back to see us again next March to show this work.


The East Lincolnshire Railway.......Grimsby to Boston                     


Opened in 1848, this major railway route linked Grimsby with Peterborough and onwards to London. It provided for 122 years a fast route both north and south for the larger communities in Louth and Alford and the smaller rural communities in the Wolds and Fens. Via several branch lines it connected with Lincoln, Bardney, Horncastle, Skegness, Spilsby and Mablethorpe. A seven year survival struggle took place from 1963 but eventually the 73 mile route closed in October 1970.                                      



Executive meeting November 2016
Minutes of the meeting 10th November
Horncastle History & Heritage Society  Minutes of a Meeting of the Executive Committee held on the 10th November 2016 at 1415 hours at No. 4 Low Toynton Close, Horncastle
Present: Mary Silverton (MS) Chairman, Jean Forgham (JF), Annie Clark (AC),  Marilyn Hieatt (MH), Chrissie Chapman (CC) & Trevor Butterworth (TB) Minutes Sec.
1. Apologies: Ruth Addison (RA) & Bob Wayne (BW)
MS accepted apologies from those derailed above.
2. Approval of Executive Minutes 21/09/16 & Matters Arising
These Minutes were agreed as a reasonably true record of what took place.   Under Matters Arising MS confirmed the Christmas Party would be held on the 9th December at the Admiral Rodney Hotel and the cost will be £19.95 per person and limited to a maximum of thirty.   First come...!   Cheques made out to the Admiral Rodney to be with MS by the 30th November.
3. Correspondence
MS said there has been a lot of archive usage via the webpage and done with an appropriate donation.  MS then produced a scrapbook of newspaper cuttings about Horncastle.   This book had been found in a Tewksbury bookshop and sent to MS.    A brief perusal of the content indicated this will be another item of interest in our archive.
4. Donation from Olive Lodge of the Freemasons and its use
This comprised a further gift of £500.  MS suggested using some of the latter to repair/renovate various Archive books.   Discussed and agreed to also use some of this generous donation on our planters.  CC agreed to investigate costs regarding book renovations.
5. Financial Report 
MS said there was £1,183.00 in the deposit account and £2,204.00 in the current account.
6. Planning Report from Mr M Hieatt
See attached report.
7. Heritage Weekend 2017 - Progress
CC said this would be during the 7th-10th September 2017.   MS said a small Working Group (WG) is needed           to progress this project and CC volunteered to chair it.    MS indicated BW &RA would also be involved and           MH also volunteered to serve.
8. Consideration of Lincolnshire Voice Exhibition from LCC
MS briefed the meeting on this proposed exhibition as a possible event next springtime in the Stanhope Hall.   Further details to be obtained by MS
9. Arrangements & Publicity for the 16th November Meeting
MS said the meeting would be held in the upstairs main room in the Admiral Rodney and CC would be running the show!   TB apologised in advance for none attendance at what promised to be an entertaining evening. 
10. Christmas Stalls – Requirements
MS said a second stall at a cost of £25.00 had been booked.   TB said he would provide the cover.  MS said help will be required to erect stalls and also man them.   MS said more chocolate required.  AC volunteered to host the setting up of the tombola on Thursday, 1st December at No. 10 Harrison Close starting at 1.00 pm.   This will involve sticking a raffle ticket on each item of chocolate and tearing up the counterfoils – time consuming so many volunteers will be welcome. 
11. Consideration of Honorary Membership for Colin Gascoyne
MS suggested two years but after a brief debate it was agreed to offer him a lifetime honorary membership.
12. Progress on Projects
MS said the Information Boards project with the three-way meeting now required volunteers to work with her and the Town Clerk in order to progress any further.   Contact MS if interested.   MS said the old cattle (pig?) pen next to the Black Swan public house looks shabby and dilapidated and is in need of painting and perhaps some metal animal (pigs?) artwork to remind people of its heritage.
13. Any Other Relevant Matters - none

14. Date of Next Meeting
It was agreed the next Executive Committee Meeting would be held on the 12t January 2016 at No. 4 Low Toynton Close. Commencing at 2.15pm.
Trevor Butterworth                         Minutes Secretary

Christmas Fair 2016
Most successful Christmas Fair yet

The decision to have two stalls at the market certainly paid off.  As we had the new book to sell, it was felt we needed more space for people to browse rather than enter the melay that is the chocolate tombola.

Colin & June await customers                            

Colin & June await customers                                      Mayor, Bill Aron with Mary


Both stalls took over £350 and made our investment worthwhile.  Thanks as always to  our supportive members who donate all the chocolate and also all those who helped either settting up the tombola, or at the actual fair.

Visit to Gainsborough Old Hall
October outing to Gainsborough with U3A History Group
Our October outing was a visit to Gainsborough Old Hall. We were accompanied by the Horncastle U3A History Group who helped us to fill the bus.The Hall is over five hundred years and is one of the best preserved medieval manors in England.
On arrival at Gainsborough, we got a glimpse of the structure of the building, it being a mixture of timber framework in the older part, but later encased in brick as during this period brick was a statement or wealth. 
Following our  pre-arranged lunch we met up with our excellent lady guide in the Great Hall. We were soon to learn that she was well acquainted with the history of the second half of the 15th century. The Hall was built in c1460 by the 1st Lord Burgh who inherited the previous manor. The Great Hall and kitchen were built first, followed by the East Range, the West Range and lastly the brick Tower, in the 1480’s.  
During our tour we were taken into what is described as the best preserved example of a late medieval kitchen. We learned that in those days they cooked everything apart from bread, which was made elsewhere in the town for fear of fire. Our travels also took us to several rooms, all appointed with the period furniture. Some of our more able bodied braved the fifty-nine step climb to the tower where a splendid view of the town awaited them.
Our guide mentioned many prominent people from The War of the Roses era, who had visited the Hall, such as Edward IV, a man of immense height, and Edward’s brother, Richard III, responded to Lord Burgh’s invitation in 1483. Henry VIII also visited in 1541 towards the end of his realm
Two family dynasties help shape the Old Hall, the Burgh’s until 1596 when the 5th Lord died without an heir, and the property was sold to the Hickman and Bacon family who remained there until 1720. William Hickman and his mother supported the Separatist movement and allowed them to meet and worship from 1603 until they sailed to Holland from Boston to find religious freedom. Other members of the family were prominent members of Parliament. 
Since 1720 the Hall has been put to several uses. In 1760 it became a coarse linen factory, and since a theatre, a public house, and a masonic temple. In 1949 the Hall was looked after by a volunteer group, who saved the building and opened it to the public. Sir Edmund Bacon gave it to the nation in 1970. It is now owned by English Heritage and open to the public as a museum. 

Executive meeting 12th May 2016
minutes of executive meeting
Horncastle History & Heritage Society – Minutes of a Meeting of the Executive Committee held on the12th May 2016 at 1415 hours at No. 4 Low Toynton Close, Horncastle
Present: Mary Silverton (MS) Chairman, Annie Clark (AC), Marilyn Hieatt (MH) Bob Wayne (BW) &
Trevor Butterworth (TB)               
Apologies: Dr David Lawrence, & Michael Hieatt
Item 1. Apologies for Absence 
MS accepted apologies from those detailed above.
Item 2. Approval of Executive Minutes of 7/4/2016 & Any Matters Arising
It was agreed these Minutes represented a reasonably true record of what took place. MS asked as to progress with the proposed Garden Party and would it be possible to hold in the Manor House gardens?   After a short debate it was agreed yes and keep attendance to members and friends.   Saturday 16th July, starting at 2.00pm was suggested as the date and time.   Cakes and liquid refreshment would be required.   Paul Scott, Bob Wayne and Keith Sellers to lead a Town Walk with a return NLT 3.30 pm.   An RSVP would be required as well.
Item 3. Correspondence 
  MS said the statues for RAF Ingham had been done and would be unveiled on the 26th May. MS and Bob Wayne plus David Birchall would be attending this event.      
Item 4. Financial Report 
       MS said the accounts were with the Auditor and a full financial report would be given at the AGM.
Item 5. Planning
See attached report from Michael Hieatt.
Item 6. The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations
MS said Bob Wayne & David Birchall are making a wooden cut-out of a horse and it will have a red, blue & gold theme to reflect the theme colours and needs to be suitably decorated.   The horse will be on a trailer with the HHH banner prominently displayed and volunteer members (preferably in period costume!) escorting it.   Also agreed to a throne and the Queen sat on the trailer. We also need volunteer members to help with the decorating and painting!   Names to MS soonest.   Bob Wayne to check with the Lion Theatre on possible availability of the period costumes.
Item 7. AGM  
MS reminded members the AGM is on the 1st June 2016 at the Admiral Rodney Hotel starting at 7.30 pm.   MS said there will not be a speaker and she will be sending out a list of "posts” to all members in order they may consider which one they wished to volunteer for...!
Item 8. Three-Way Meeting
MS said the theme is "”Working Together” – presumably to try and make our town a more attractive place for both residents and potential visitors. The Town Clerk is actively using media facilities to try and achieve this.   A change of name from TWM has been suggested e.g. "Totally Local” or even "Totally Horncastle”?
Item 9. Sleaford Visit
MS said unfortunately the two-groups plan failed because one group took longer completing its tour than was originally planned which left the other group bereft and somewhat dissatisfied with their lot!    We will do it again sometime!
Item 10. Visit to Gainsborough Old Hall
MS said the planned arrival on Wednesday, 26th October at the Old Hall was for 11.30 am (approx) and go directly to the cafe/restaurant for some sustenance before commencing the tour at 1.00 pm.   Departure would be at about 3.30pm.   MH agreed to organise tranport for this event.  Concessions £5.60 with 10% discount for a group.   Members wishing to attend should respond directly to MS.
Item 11 Project Update
Planters – MH has this in hand.     BW has been to examine the "old” planters with a view to assessing any refurbishment potential..!  MS said the David Robinson Newspaper cuttings are a mammoth task but now has five volunteers working on it.  The Town Walk leaflet is still Work in Progress!
Item 12. Any Other Business
  The interpretation board for the horse sculptures has now been sited. A letter of thanks to be sent to Peter Fidies.
Item 13. Date of Next Meeting
This was agreed as being the  23rd June at 2.15 pm at the Chairman’s residence.
Trevor Butterworth
Minutes Secretary

RAF Ingham - dedication of Memorial Garden
WW2 Polish airmen honoured by dedication of new memorials and sculptures

Members of HHHS were pleased to be asked to be involved in the design of sculptures for the Memorial Garden at RAF Ingham. It was to honour all those who fought and fell, whilst serving at RAF Ingham and in the Bomber Squadrons of the Polish Air Force during the Second World War.

The horse statues in Horncastle had been admired by Mr Geoff Burton, founder of RAF Ingham Heritage Group and he enlisted David Lawrence, David Birchall and Bob Wayne to construct a sculpture showing Polish airmen looking out over the landscape prior to flying out on a raid.


On Thursday 26th May 2016, we were invited to attend the dedication ceremony by the Consul General of the Republic of Poland, Mr Lukasz Lutostanski.  The event was attended by dignatories from the County, the Polish Ambassador and representatives from the RAF and the Polish Air Force, as well as many families of Polish airmen.

It was a very moving event, especially when the list of airmen form RAF Ingham was read out.  These included Canadian, australian and British servicemen as well as the Polish airmen from 300, 301 and 304 Squadrons.

The Memorial

Standards of regiments were displayed, wreaths were laid by many people and the National Anthems of the countries involved were played.  The Polish people present sang their anthem and it was very touching.

There was also a magnificent flypast by an RAF Jet which can just be seen in this picture. 


The RAF Ingham Heritage Group have done a wonderful job but have much more work to do to create a full exhibition centre at the site.  If you get chance to visit, it is worth while. 

The day concluded with a lovely buffet lunch at Hemswell Cliff Hotel which was the Officers' Mess during the war.  A display about RAF Ingham and the Polish Air Force was on view. 

This picture shows David Birchall alongside the sculptures of which their creators should be very proud.  Unfortunately, David Lawrence and Bob were unable to attend.


Horncastle History & Heritage Society – Minutes of a Meeting of the Executive Committee held on the 7th April 2016 at 1415 hours at No. 4 Low Toynton Close, Horncastle

Present: Mary Silverton (MS) Chairman , Annie Clark(AC), Marilyn Hieatt (MH)& Trevor Butterworth (TB) 
Apologies: Dr David Lawrence, Bob Wayne & Michael Hieatt

 1. Apologies for Absence 
MS accepted apologies from those detailed above.

 2. Approval of Executive Minutes of 25/2/2016 & Any Matters Arising
It was agreed these Minutes represented a reasonably true record of what took place. MS advised the WW1 plaque in the Horncastle War Memorial Centre has been relocated to an area accessible by the public.    
MS added all the seats in the Lion Theatre have already been sponsored prior to our donation.
 3. Correspondence 
MS said the Friends of St. Mary’s Church were having an Open Day in the Church and would be screening our DVD "Horncastle Then & Now” and should have sought our permission since the HHH hold the copyright.    
TB apologised for this oversight and requested the Committee consider granting retrospective permission.     It did and it was agreed copies of this DVD would be made available for sale in the Church on the aforementioned Open Day.
MS said the statues for RAF Ingham had been done and would be unveiled on the 26th May. MS and Bob Wayne plus David Birchall would be attending this event.
MS said the Chairman of the HHH had been invited to "the” Garden Party on the 19th May and a positive response had been forwarded.
MS said 31 members had put their names down for the Sleaford visit.
 4. Financial Report 
        MS said income for the past year was £1,926 and expenditure £2,681 (inc. WW1 spend).  The actual income from membership fees & events had been £1,656 with an Expenditure of £1,010.   Available funds in the Bank were currently £4,500.

 5. Planning
See attached report from Michael Hieatt.
 6. The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations
MS said Bob Wayne & David Birchall are making a wooden cut-out of a horse and it will be painted red, blue & gold to reflect the theme colours and needs to be suitably decorated.   The horse will be on a trailer with the HHH banner prominently displayed and volunteer members (preferably in period costume!) escorting it.   We also need volunteer members to help with the decorating and painting!   Names to MS soonest.   Bob Wayne to check with the Lion Theatre on possible availability of the period costumes.

 7. AGM  
MS reminded members the AGM is on the 1st June 2016 at the Admiral Rodney Hotel starting at 7.30 pm.   MS said there will not be a speaker and she will be sending out a list of "posts” to all members in order they may consider which one they wished to volunteer for...!

 8. Visit to Sleaford
MS said there were already 31 names on the list.   She added the Gainsborough visit to the old Guildhall was currently work in progress.
 9. Planters
MH said the arrival of the first two was imminent and reminded the meeting we had taken on the responsibility for the three hanging basket displays in the Market Square.   MS said Bob Wayne had been asked to seek the Lions Club assistance with the very necessary refurbishment of the three planters adorning the traffic hazard at the far end of West Street.
 10. Projects
  MS said the leaflets project had been priced but no further action until funding is available.    
The External Artwork is still work in progress and the Horse Statues information board is awaiting installation.  
MS said the book is also work in progress.       

 11. Any Other Business
a) MS said the HHH would no longer be represented on the Wong Committee.            
b) MS said possible speakers for future events were:
(1) Mike Fowler - Horncastle & Area Railways (Marilyn offered accommodation)
(2) Valarie Wood – author; writes about the Hull area
(3) Trevor Rogers – Gunby Hall & Gardens
(4) Mike Credland – Martin Manor Hall Stables
c) MS said the Society has been gifted a comprehensive thesis on the Children’s Home and is based on the year 1952.  It is a fascinating, informative and an in-depth study of an era and an organisation that is unique in Horncastle’s history. MS said she will have it professionally bound before it becomes a valued asset within our archive collection.

12. Date of Next Meeting
This was agreed as being the 12th May at 2.15 pm at the Chairman’s residence.

Trevor Butterworth           
Minutes Secretary

Minutes: Executive 25th February 2016
Notes on meeting covering plans for Queens Birthday,Lion theatre, Town Walk leaflet and Planning matters

Horncastle History & Heritage Society – Minutes of a Meeting of the Executive Committee held on the 25th February 2016 at 1415 hours at No. 4 Low Toynton Close, Horncastle

Present: Mary Silverton (MS) Chairman, Dr David Lawrence (DL) & Trevor Butterworth (TB)

Apologies: Annie Clark, Rod Sambrook & Richard Barker

Absent: Bob Wayne & Marilyn Hieatt

Item 1. Apologies for Absence

 MS accepted apologies from those detailed above.

Item 2. Approval of Executive Minutes of 14/01/2016 & Any Matters Arrising

 It was agreed these Minutes represented a reasonably true record of what took place. MS advised the accounts should have read £5,290.00 and not £52,900.00! MS further advised that under Correspondence it should have read "National Award” and not International Award. MS added there had been a very welcome influx of volunteers to assist with the archiving task.

Item 3. Correspondence

 ”Clean for the Queen” campaign takes place on Saturday, 5th March. MS will circulate details regarding participation to all members. MS said while archiving Homeleigh information a photograph of a WW1 plaque had emerged and subsequently was located in the War Memorial Hospital building but regrettably in a corridor not accessible by the public. MS suggested it would be better placed in the Stanhope Hall. Agreed and MS to communicate this to the Chairman of the Stanhope Hall Committee for consideration and action. MS produced a poster advertising the topic for our 16th March General Meeting – "Off the Beeton Track” and it was agreed MS should circulate this to all members. MS then introduced draft copies of the proposed cover for the "Horncastle’s Great War” book and it was agreed to be very suitable.

Item 4. Financial Report

 MS indicated there had been no substantial change to the figures recorded in the previous Minutes.

Item 5. Planning Report

 The following is a brief dilution of DL’s verbal report on the following planning issues:

a) 14 South Street. Change of use to a Sandwich Bar.

b) Crown Inn, West Street. An application for Qty 8 B & B units. Parking issues

c) Shop next to Perkins, Newsagents. Two letters of concern sent – no response!

d) 5a High Street (was Johnsons Greengrocers) – Building Control issues.

e) Black Swan Public House – broken bottles and glass at the rear on Wong land!

f) Foundry Street – new build in what was Peter Foster’s garden. An application has been submitted to change the conditions to justify unauthorised work already carried out that isn’t in accord with the original approved conditions..! DL said this type of "remedial” or retrospective application has become more and more common place during the past two years.

Item 6. The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations

 MS said these celebrations take place over the 10th – 12th June 2016 and on Saturday 11th there is to be a grand parade of floats with a red, white & gold theme and the Society should be involved – but how? A limited debate revealed a Horse Fair theme involving about three wooden horse silhouettes (life size & similar to the steel ones) plus suitably attired members on an appropriately sized trailer would be an achievable possibility. Needs further consideration.

Item 7. Lion Theatre – Refurbishment of Seating

 MS said sponsorship was being sort for this project at £80.00 a seat and this will include a suitable plaque on the seat acknowledging the sponsor. It was agreed we sponsor one seat.

Item 8. AGM Speaker

 MS said it was hoped to have the ELDC Councillor who holds the Planning Portfolio but has not received any response. Fiona Martin to be asked to chase.

Item 9. Town Walk Leaflet

 Bob Pendell has been progressing this project with the "Walkers are Welcome” group, MS said Cupits would produce some 5,000 leaflets for about £750.00. After some debate TB suggested MS contact the Grants Manager for the Horncastle & District Healthcare & Wellbeing Fund for a grant application form and stressing the "healthy” aspect of this project.

Item 10. Any Other Relevant Business

DL said the current infestation of pigeons in the Town and surrounding residential areas was the worse it has ever been. MS said the Three Way Group had already addressed this and had urged business and commercial premises to take preventative actions. DL indicated feeding pigeons should be "discouraged”!

Item 11. Date of Next Meeting

 Is the 7th April 2016 at No.4, Low Toynton Road at 1415 hours. Meeting closed at 4.00pm.

Trevor Butterworth

Minutes of the Meeting of the Horncastle Heritage and History Society Executive Committee held on 14th January  2016.

Present: Mary Silverton (Chairman), Bob Wayne (Secretary),  Marilyn Hieatt, David Lawrence,  Trevor Butterworth, Annie Clark.

Apologies: Rod Sambrook. Mary S had received apologies from Richard Barker, sadly he indicated personal circumstances would prevent him from attending future meetings.

The minutes of the meeting held on 03.12.15 were approved as a true record.

Matters Arising:  Mary S reported that she had received a load more valuable stuff  from David Robinson. In order to accommodate volunteers the archive  openings will be changed to Wednesdays 10:15 hrs to 12:30hrs. A charge of £5.00 is made for access to the archives by non members.

Bob W reported that the interpretation board  for horses had been delivered to Dave B, they would do the rest ASAP.

Correspondence: Sheila Jonkers Roman Display in the Library attracted much attention and a national award. The residual typed information sheet reflected little credit to HHH and should go.

Society Organisation: Trevor B had to leave early and requested that the committee discuss the composition of the next committee. Mary B’s  vision is that tasks be shared over a larger number of members ;- Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Funding Officer, Archive and Website Manager, PR Officer, Program Secretary, Projects Co-ordinator. This would involve more members and by narrowing the responsibilities make the posts less demanding.  The good news is that Michael Hieatt has already agreed to take over planning.  Fears were expressed that this could lead to an unduly large committee, our constitution allows up to 10, a larger committee would it was hoped spread responsibility.

Accounts: Mary S reported that the audit of the accounts had been signed off. The bank balances was £5290.00 now reduced to £4737.00  after paying for the computer and making a donation to SJB Soc.

Committee changes required a change of bank signatories. Rod S and Claire K will be removed and it was agreed that David L would be appointed signatory.

AGM: Mary S hoped to get the ELDC Head of Planning as speaker.

Christmas event: Everybody agreed that it had been very successful, Paul Scott’s talk had been interesting.  It was agreed that Friday night was a good choice and a folky music group could be enjoyable in the future. Members to bring forward ideas at the next meeting .

Christmas Fair: It was agreed that event had been successful making £341.00, people had been very generous and the format was successful.

  Future events:  There is an obvious need for a fund raising event, rather than a coffee morning it was suggested that we organise a historic town walk, starting and finishing at the Manor House,  thanks to the Hieatts. The price would be £5.00 which would include tea and cakes.

The next meeting 20.01.2016: Mary S will bring the PowerPoint projector and computer to show members the archive database and examples of photos especially those from the Johnson and Pocklington collections. Marilyn H said we must remind members that we are looking for new committee members.

Roman Wall: The next step is still to get a site survey, this is being organised by the Community Centre Chairman Stephen Holdaway with Sheila’s encouragement. The mild weather has discouraged the die back of undergrowth slowing the process. Bob W reported that the trees growing on top of the wall have been felled. Sheila J is very keen to form an interest group.

Planning Report:  David L reported his principle concern is with No 5A the High Street (was Johnsons fruit and veg) Permission has been gained for two 1st floor flats but the ground floor looks far from stable. David has written to the Enforcement Officer and received  assurances that an architect had been appointed and was working with the Conservation Officer. Nothing much has happened, various steel sections have been delivered. It was agreed that  David L should write again to the enforcement Officer, the Mayor, Cllr Fiona Martin if only to remind them that we are watching.

Another building that is causing concern is the old bicycle shop next to Perkins. This building is deteriorating rapidly with the shop window looking very poor. Should the building be demolished any replacement would be very visible, Members felt its present state was an eyesore in the middle of town.

David L’s other concerns is the continuing trend towards retrospective applications, a classic example being the new terrace in Foundry Street that was erected with entirely different window detail and roof pitch to the approved plans. That ELDC appear to have given planning permission for new bungalows on Thimbleby Hill without any agreement on sewerage connections with Anglia Water, worrying trend!

Wong Action Group: Mary S intended to attend a meeting, that evening with the Wong Committee, Town Council and ELDC to review progress. She didn’t expect much to happen at this time.

The Town Trail:  Mary S showed a leaflet from St Neots printed on two sides of A4 which was a lot simpler (and less expensive) than the ELDC one use currently.

AOB: Mike Credland who had been so helpful with the WWl exhibitions has opened a private museum at Martin – A possible visit.

Next meeting: Thursday 25th February 2016 at 2.15pm.

Next members meeting 20th January

Meeting closed: 16:30hrs.

Minutes of the Meeting of the Horncastle Heritage and History Society Executive Committee held on 3rdDecember 2015. 
Present: Mary Silverton (Chairman), Bob Wayne (Secretary),  Marilyn Hieatt, David Lawrence,  Trevor Butterworth.
Apologies: Annie Clark,  Rod Sambrook.
The minutes of the meeting held on 12.11.15 were approved as a true record.
Matters Arising:  Mary S reported that some of  the stuff she received from David Robinson is quite unique though the newspapers are very fragile. There are for instance all the minutes from Day 1 of the College which may be of limited interest but are irreplaceable. Mary appealed for help with the archive, three new members had volunteered though Monday mornings are not ideal.  The wood for the board at the horses has arrived thanks to Peter Fides, Bob W will chase Sprint Signs.
Correspondence: Ongoing!  
DVD Sales: The Town DVDs are selling well,  Perkins have already sold the first batch and re-ordered. At this rate the costs of the re-print are nearly covered.  Priced at £9.99,  the SJB Centre are now starting to display them. and Perkins.
Accounts: Because many of the on-line invoices had not been printed, Phil Smith had been unable to carry out the audit. Mary had at great  expense in time managed to retrieve them. The bank balances are: Current Acc £4015, Deposit acc £1200.00. These figures include £2200.00 of HLF funding for the WWl event book leaving about £1800 uncommitted. The SHLA subs were not paid last year, we will re-join in 2016.
Christmas event: Friday 11th December at the  Community Centre.  23 people had booked and paid,  Paul Scott and Trish have been offered free tickets. It is assumed the final figure will be around 27.  Bob W  inform Sue Kind. Marilyn H to provide table centres and napkins and after much debate will probably find crackers. 
Paul  Scott  will show  the Town DVD, Bob W to liaise.  Meet at  the Community Centre at 6pm to set up. Glasses to be borrowed from St Mary’s. 
Christmas Fair 06.12.15: All meet at 09:00hrs to set up,  Bob W to borrow the canopy and clips. Annie C had done a grand job collecting  chocolates for the "Choc” Tombola. Cards kindly donate by a Grantham member and DVDs will be on sale.
Planters: Marilyn H reported that the bridge planters had been disposed of, the Town Council will be providing planters to hang on the river rails. Marilyn said she didn’t expect physical effort from the Council but their support is appreciated. Marilyn to talk to Crowders re competitive prices for plants.  The West street planters will probably last a bit longer but need looking at.

The Town Trail:  The extension to take in more Wong and the horses is being progressed, Bob Pendall’s involvement is appreciated. Working with Horncastle Walkers are Welcome the plan is  to re-print the guide, set up Rod’s interpretation boards and fix direction signs all as one big HLF application. 
WWl Book:  All is going well, Ann Duncan has resigned but Mary S and Colin Gasgoigne  are still confident of completing by the end of  March when the grant runs out.  Rod S will proof read, the book will be professionally printed at a cost of £11.49/copy. The grant will also include buying a dedicated computer for the archive room.
Archive Room:  To go with the new computer Mary S has taken out a subscription with "365” to "future proof” the records by automatically updating all programs. It was agreed that a donation of £200.00 be made to SJB for use of the room.
Speakers and trips  for 2016:  Gainsborough Old Hall has been booked for the last week of October, U3A will probably join us sharing a bus. A return visit to Sleaford Civic Society (membership 1)  is planned for 20th April. We will view their new museum and then have a guided tour of the town and church  led by Sherry Renault. The talk by the Lincoln Tank Group is still planned for January but not confirmed.  Suggestions for other events included a talk by Alan Maskall on the fire service and a visit to Boston Guildhall.
Planning:  David L’s felt that there was no need for a report as there had been little activity:  report was read out: Plans for nos 9-11 West Street were passed. The house on the plat at the the Stanhope Road end of Banks Street had been turned down. David had received detail plans of the Louth Road Development. He felt they were inconsistent and lacking in detail especially as regards sewers and surface water disposal. He had taken this up with the planners.
Action on Committee vacancies: Mary S emphasised  the need to appoint new officers, it is her intention to stand down at the AGM,  David L wished to give up planning, BobW said he was only stand in  secretary. On solution would be to spread the load appointing members to take on individual responsibility for planning, trips, speakers newsletter, room hire, speakers etc. David L said he could do fund raising, Bob W to do PR, Trevor B membership , 
Next meeting: Thursday 14th January 2016 at 2.15pm.
Next members, meeting 20th January 
Meeting closed: 16:30hrs.

RAF in Lincolnshire the Horncastle Area
A talk by Len Sutton about the impact of the RAF in Lincolnshire and the effects it has had on the area and in particular Horncastle.

Len's talk on the 18th November attracted our largest audience yet with over 50 people present, and quite a few non-members.

He talked first of all about the history of the RAF and the setting up of many stations in the county, which has now reduced to just three. He talked us through the early days and the types of aircraft seen in the county over the 70 years, including the noisy Phantom.  the elegant Vulcan and the plane most associated with Lincolnshire, the Lancaster.  He told us that aircrews from Lincolnshire were incolved in every major air engagement in WW2.

He went on to decribe the social impacts of having a huge station like Consingsby on the doorstep - the noise, which the RAF originally treated as just an acceptable nuisance, but also the value of the camp to the local economy.  Also the number of RAF personel who then settle in the area. He described how Coningsby was once a major part of the local community with camp bonfires, open days, oap's Xmas dinners, galas, etc. The latter part of his talk was about his time with the Memorial flight and the royal visitors and organising national events. A wonderful photo of the Lancaster dropping poppies down The Mall on VE Day commemoration was his final shot.

Everyone said how much they enjoyed this talk and very much appreciated the time and research that had gone into it.  We also felt that there was another 10 stories for every one that Len told us.

He hopes to produce a book about RAF Coningsby and we will keep you informed. 






Henry Winn - Historian and Poet
Talk by the Henry Winn Society on September 16th 2015 at the Admiral Rodney Hotel at 7.30pm. All Welcome
Henry Winn from Fulletby - know as a poet and historian, but also for his amazing amount of work in the village and Lincolnshire.  Find out more about the Grand Old Man of Lincolnshire  
Held at St Mary's Church in Horncastle on Saturday 12th September 2015 from 10.00am to 4.00pm

 A very successful Tudor based event as part of the National Heritage Open Day programme showing Tudor life and how Henry VIII's proposed changes to the church were received by the people of Lincolnshire.

There were over 250 visitors to the event and expenses were covered and a donation made to St Mary's Church of £90 

The main protagonists 

The full story of the Lincolnshire Rising was given in an easy to read story and diary format.  The changes to church envisioned by Henry were seen through the eyes of 'Agnes' a young woman of the time and this provided some fun but also gave a deep picture of life and the church at that time.

The Monarch's Champion's armour dating back to the 16th century was on display by kind permission of the Dymoke family together with well researched documents regarding their family at that time. It is thought that the armour was taken from the church by the rebels, but later returned.

The Champion's armour volunteers and armour

A replica of the Rebel's banner had been made and hung in the church  and provided an eye catching display.

Rebels banner 

The accompaniament of live Tudor music on the recorder and delightful singing added to the atmosphere in the church.

 tudor music

Children were catered for with Tudor craft items such as jesters on sticks etc and outdoor games such as skittles .

A display by a local bee keeper who had managed to obtain hives from Tudor period was particularly interesting.

There were also very old Latin and early English Bibles on display 

 A successful and informative event.

Civic Design Awards
A visit to Westminster to partake in the first Civic Design Awards event

The Society entered the horse statues in the Civic Design Awards.  We did not win any prizes but were surprised at the high standard of the projects that were entered and we felt we were a little out of our depth.  The overall winners were Gloucestershire Service Station and most of the other winners were multi million pound projects.

However, it proved very interesting and The Chairman and Secretary enjoyed the visit to London and met some interesting people at the event, including a group who had been responsible for the installation of a dam project similar to the one planned to alleviate the floods into Horncastle, which is working successfully, we were pleased to hear.

  Mary Silverton at the Design Awards

Event:Canal Walk and Talk
A walk around the areas affected by the canal coming to town in 1802 described to us by Bob Wayne

15th July 2015 - the walk started at the Market Place and took a route along Bridge Street, West Street and down past the Swimming Pool and back along Wharf Road.  We saw the sites of the huge warehouses and the homes built to house the owners and their workers along the route. We heard about the impact on the population of the town of the canal coming and that it was because of the improved economy that the railway came here later and so eventually destroyed the canal.  About 15 members of Rotary accompanied us on this trip and afterwards several of our members joined them at the Admiral Rodney for a Pasta meal and convivial conversation. 


Minutes of the Meeting of the Horncastle Heritage and History Society Executive Committee held on 10th September 2015
 1.Present: Mary Silverton (Chairman), Bob Wayne (Secretary),  Marilyn Hieatt, David Lawrence, 
2. Apologies: Trevor Butterworth. Annie Clark,  Rod Sambrook.
3. The minutes of the meeting held on 30.07.15 were approved as a true record.
4. Matters Arising:  Mary S reported that she had been in contact with professional transcribing companies, the best offer was £2.00 per copy, if we have the artwork. (Bob W to contact Paul Scott). David L proposed  a visit to Bardney Railway Café/Museum, an evening talk on site  combined with a fish supper was suggested.  A talk on the Town leather industry had been requested. Bob W to talk to  Pearl Wheatley (Duly spoken to at HOD walk, Pearl suggests Ken Redmore who is purportedly writing a book on the subject). 
Mary S reported that she had been in contact with LCC Highways about the police car bay outside the church, their response was that the lines were "primrose” not yellow and were only 50mm wide in accordance with conservation area practice. 
5. Correspondence: Mary S  reported that she had received her resignation from the Treasurer Claire, unfortunately she has just too much work on. Mary to advertise the post amongst the membership, Ron Marnie had volunteered to consider  taking  over on a temporary basis if no-one else came forward.
6. Accounts: No summary of the accounts has been forthcoming but Mary S indicated that the position at 31.03.15 was Deposit £1177.00, Barclays Current Acc £4227.00. The figures are slightly misleading in that they include £2000.00 HLF money and £800.00 Jobson Trust money, both dependent on the WWl Centenary Book being published.  
7. Planning:  David L’s report was read out, a copy is attached. Work is reported to have started on  the flood relief reservoir at Hemingby but may be delayed by archaeology.     
8. Heritage Open Days: Marilyn H reported everything was in hand. A fine banner designed and made by Ann Duncan with fine detail added by David L,   was shown to the meeting. There was some discussion as to where the banner could be displayed  (as opposed to being rolled up in a drawer) Tudor music, singing, games, plenty of rats, a beggar  and a guest appearance by the Dymoke armour were all in hand. 
Those assisting were to meet at 09:00hrs on the day for a 10:00 start, finish/clear up at 16:00. A setting up party to congregate on Friday evening 18:30hrs. 
Voluntary contributions to be split 50-50% with St Mary’s. 
9. Roman Wall: Things are progressing, a meeting had been held at the Community Centre on Sept 4th attended by Ben Robinson and Penny Evans of Historic  England with members of the HHH and trustees of the Community Association. Grants will be available but the first move will be to get  a professional condition survey and repair plan. 
10, Christmas event: Friday 11th December at the  Community Centre. Bob W to firm up the date with Sue Kind for hot buffet, Bob W to liaise with Paul Scott  ref the showing and explanation of the Town DVD.
11.Calendar:  The Chairman is still  very keen to produce a Town Calendar and is  looked at prices. Mary S to proceed..
12. Archive:  Mary S reported work continues,  Bob W had collected  material concerning efforts to use Holy Trinity as a community asset.
13. Maintenance groups:  It is suggested that a clipboard was passed around at the next meeting listing possible group with boxes for volunteers’ names. The Lions had volunteered to trim the grass at the South Street pump.
14. Suggestions for 2016 programme: Still required,  again suggestions could be listed on a clipboard to see what interest there might be a the next meeting. (16.09.15) 
15. WWl Book:  Mary S reported that she had had quotations in the region of £5-6K for professional printing and binding, way beyond the £2000 and £800 we have available. HLF suggested printing and binding the books ourselves using some of the allocated money to buy a quality A3 lazar printer at say £700. Bow W felt that the extra cost of A3 of A4 would not be justified. Binding systems to be investigated. The HLF agreed to extend the completion date until next March.
16. Volunteers: Members will be asked at the next meeting (16.09.15) to volunteer for the executive posts that will become vacant at the next AGM notably Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and planning officer.
Minute distribution: The secretary was taken to task for not having circulated the executive committee  minutes to the whole membership. He apologised saying he was not aware that was the normal practice and promised to do better in future. 
17. Next meeting: 22nd October at 2.15pm .
Meeting closed: 16:30hrs.

Mins: Executive 18th February 2015
Minutes of meeting covering new projects, Civic Design award, flood Relief response
Minutes of a meeting of the HHHS Executive Committee held at 4 Low Toynton Close 
on Wednesday 18th February  2015.

Present: Mary Silverton (Chairman) Marilyn Hiett, Bob Wayne, Ann Clark

Apologies: Claire Kidson, Trevor Butterworth, Richard Barker, David Lawrence, Rod Sambrook
(Note: David Lawrence had sent in notes for each agenda item and these were considered during discussions)
Approval of Executive Minutes 7/1/15 & matters arising - Approved
Correspondence & notes
The number of enquiries  using  the website has increased.  Many of these are dealt with by the chairman       but the help of more knowledgeable Members is much appreciated at times.
New members Mr & Mrs Marnie had invited the chairman & Pete Harness to view the work they have done to         their cottage at 10 St Mary’s Square which is very much in keeping with the properties history and was very           interesting.
£44 had been raised at the WW1 film show which had covered the costs of the event.
Volunteers are needed to transcribe the mini discs in the archives on which the memories of older people in       the town recorded, so that they can be saved for posterity.  Other medium should also be considered.
The Horncastle branch of Disability Lincs has now deposited their history at the archives and a small item was         published in the News about this.
Members agreed that the U3A History Group could join with us on our visit to the Magna Carta exhibition               later in the year.  Probably September.  Mary to organise

Treasurer's Report 
The balance on the current account at the end of January was £3984 plus £24 to deposit = £4010.  However, £800 of this is allocated to the Jobson Trust and there is some HLF unspent.  It is anticipated that funds     available actually stand about £1048 which is a considerable increase on last year.

Planning Update (report from David Lawrence attached)
Members commented that it was unlikely that all land would be developed and that  for some it was seen as 
an investment  at this time of austerity.  Members noted David’s comment on the Neighbourhood Plan, and     again stated that the Society was very involved in the setting up of the plan and has always had a good     conduit for concerns as our vice-chairman is chairman of the plan group.  It had been agreed by this                     committee that responses to the plan should be individual apart from the response regarding the                   conservation area.  The lack of inclusion of house numbers appears to lie at the door of ELDC not having       prepared future housing figures.  Land Availability must be considered again by this committee.

Report on Sponsorship – Richard Barker
No action to date but intends to compose a letter and a list of contacts to try and achieve payments of £50     per year for 3 years from a minimum of 12 sponsors.  Members approved his suggestion to offer each     company/Business 3 Associate places to attend meetings and functions by prior request and have contributors         on the Web site.

The Wong – update and possible sub-committee for designs
The chairman gave a brief update and Members noted the article in today’s Horncastle News on the Wong     Committee reporting back to Town Council. As some indication has been given that any proposals for the           Wong need to show some recompense to ELDC, by way of some development at the Wong end of the area,     and as not much progress will now be made until after the elections, it was agreed that 4 of our Members             put their heads together to try and come up with some ideas for the area which may satisfy ELDC and           residents to take back to the Wong Committee.  These will just be suggestions and we, as a Society,             definitely do not want to take over this project, but the expertise of some of our members could be useful     to the committee, and may provide a starting point for a way forward again. 

Information Board for the horse sculptures
David will progress this when the Airmen sculpture is complete.  As there is no more funding available from     the District Councillors until after the election, there is no rush.
Heritage Open Day – Marilyn
A very productive meeting had been held of the sub-committee and it had been decided to use the church for the day on Saturday 12th September. Details of the actual proposals are in the notes of this meeting. The     church has been booked and the Stanhopes have given permission to use their armour. Ann Clark will help             with refreshments and the church  will extend the coffee morning – so probably they will have the morning     and us the afternoon to share funds. Costs should be low and donations will be requested.  Bob can access     handbells if necessary.  Any other volunteers for the day would be welcome.

New Projects
Proposed artwork on the walls of the post office on St Lawrence Street and steel profiles on the Achurch           alley have been proposed by David Birchall.  Initial approval was given by the committee for David to set up a         group to come up with concrete ideas, investigate approval from premises owners, and ELDC conservation             and Planning and do some initial costings and possible funding routes. David Lawrence offered to be involved.

Civic Design Award
Mary has started to complete the application form and has taken more photos of the horse sculptures for the submission.  Two sections need 500 words and Bob agreed to complete one of these.

Responses to Flood Relief Proposals
Both Michael and David had been to the library to view the exhibition and had submitted reports of their           findings.  Both appear to have highlighted some concerns regarding run off from the catchment downstream         of the dam.  Both had queried in future housing development would affect flooding but had been re-assured           that the rate of discharge from such sites should be no greater than at present.  The committee agreed that         David and Michael take the salient points and combine them into a response, to ELDC, EA and the TC.

Spending Needs 
It is hoped to make a donation to SJB Centre at the end of this year in return for the free use of the archive         room.  The archives will need another cupboard shortly as getting full and some money needed for displays of         memorabilia and shelves for the Roman artefacts.

Schools WW1 involvement 
Contact has been established by Mary with the schools and a meeting to take place shortly on what can be     provided.

Consideration of re-issue of ‘Yesterday & Today’ DVD
As this is such a good DVD as a history of the town, Members agreed that investigation should be made into     re-issuing it, perhaps with a new cover.  Bob will contact Paul Scott to find out who produced it and how to           get new copies made.  It was not thought old enough for new material to be added yet.

Other Matters
Concerns expressed about the future of the Lion Theatre and Members were asked to support by attending     any meeting called to discuss its future.  Concerns expressed by a Member of the public about the possible             demolition of the Black Swan.  This is not listed but is in the conservation area.  Check if it can be listed as a         Community Asset (Rod)

Next meeting was set as 1st April – to be confirmed.

Attachments: Planning Report

Captain John Cussons, Horncastle's Hero from the American Civil War
He ran away from Horncastle, fought as a scout for the confederates, & then founded a publishing company in America.

A short talk and film on this remarkable man will take place at the Admiral Rodney Hotel on Wednesday 18th March 2015 at 7.30pm. 

Non- members are also welcome to attend.

Minutes: Executive 7th January 2015
Minutes of the Executive meeting held on the 7th January 2015

Minutes of a meeting of the HHHS Executive Committee held at 4 Low Toynton Close

on Wednesday 7th January 2015.

Present: Mary Silverton (Chairman) Richard Barker, Marilyn Hiett, David Lawrence, Rod Sambrook

1 Apologies: Claire Kidson, Bob Wayne, Trevor Butterworth

2 Approval of Executive Minutes 26/11/14 & matters arising - Approved

3 Planning Update & response to Mareham Road Appeal

a Reindeer Close/Greystones - re-submission of application received on the 23rd December for response by 2nd January which was not possible. Has obtained extension until the 9th January. Numbers reduced to 52 but still over development.

b Mareham Road - As ELDC have backed down on the appeal following more drainage information from the applicant, the appeal now becomes a hearing to take place 8th January. The new information was again only received shortly before Christmas.

It was 103 pages on disc. The proposed drainage system relies on riparian rights and will result in individual households off site being responsible for clearing and maintaining the drains. David's response is attached.

c Land Availability - David's, Richard's and any other response to be circulated before the next meeting to consider HHHS response.

4 Treasurer's Report & Membership Update

The Accounts for the year ending 31st March 2014 were considered and to be recommended for approval to the AGM.

Membership now stands at 52 paid up members.

A great deal of fund raising has taken place this year and this should be reflected in the accounts for this year.

Richard Barker agreed to compile a paper regarding pursuing corporate Sponsorship with local companies and publicity to be offered in return. An aim of this would be to get sponsorship for professional maintenance of the website rather than relying on Members. It was also agreed that Coffee mornings have not proven worthwhile and that better results are made from stalls at Xmas & Summer Fairs, but perhaps raffles should be a part of these events.

5 Arrangements of Meeting 21st January

This will be a film show of the Great War which was shown at the Great War Event, but many Members were unable to see. There is a £2 charge for non-members and the Hall hire is £19 and the services of the projectionist £20. Marilyn agreed to cover the door.

Some changes have taken place on the programme for the year due to speakers not being available. Members agreed the change to the meeting 18th March which will now be a talk on the Cusson family by Mary & Rod, with time for a general meeting afterwards. It was proposed to hold a discussion after the AGM on the impact of development on the town. Members felt this should be lead by 2 people on each side laying out the situation for about 5 mins each and then allowing opportunity for other Members to join in.

David Lawrence left the meeting at 3.00pm

6 Code of Conduct for Members

Although views on this matters were widely diverse it was generally agreed that a Code of Conduct was not necessary. When the Constitution is reviewed, consideration will be given to including a paragraph about exclusion of members who bring the Society into disrepute. In the meantime, any particular problems will be reviewed by the Executive Committee.

7 Consideration of Proposal for event from Stephen Briggs

Although Stephen has presented quite a lot of information regarding his proposals for an event in the town, Members of the Executive were concerned that he did not have the necessary experience to organise quite a big event. As he is new to the society it is difficult for members to judge his capabilities at this time. It was, therefore felt, that it would be better to involve Stephen in assisting in the organisation of another event with another more experienced Member first, and he can get used to the practicalities of organising events.

8 The Wong - R Barker

Richard disagreed with the headlines in the Horncastle News today saying that the project has all gone wrong. But, he did not feel that much progress had been made over the past twelve months. A meeting had been held on 5th December with ELDC which had not been successful.

Waterloo Housing had withdrawn from any proposal to develop on the Wong, but the District Valuer's report of Sept 13 clearly wants to get a Capital receipt from the area. Probably develop two thirds and the rest for green space. The Neighbourhood Plan identifies this third as Protected Local Green Space by ELDC. Not sure how it can be changed from Protected to Unprotected. There has been little communication with ELDc over the past twelve months, but the May elections may bring some changes. Some contacts with possible developers have been made.

The Chairman expressed her concerns at the lack of progress by this Committee and the situation will be monitored.

9 Neighbourhood Plan

Following publication of the draft plan, there was concern that the coverage in the Historic Section was not strong enough and had not covered some of the important points made in the HHHS initial response to the early consultation process. In particular, with regard to the

Conservation Area Appraisal 2008, which it was felt should be the new basis for Conservation area planning. Response to be sent again prior to closing date for consultation, this Friday 9th January.

10 Civic Design Award

Members agreed to submission to this award for the Horse statues and the SJB Centre if Paul Scott is willing to complete the application for the latter.

11 Information Board for Horse statues

Some discussion as to whether this was necessary, but agreed that if it could be discreet and not detract from the horses and funding could be obtained, then David be asked to design something perhaps using photos of the horsefair etc.

12 Heritage Open Day

This needs to be registered by February. Members suggested focusing on the Lincolnshire Rising and the scythes, and to use the back of the church and the Community Centre. People dressed in Tudor costumes and background Tudor music (Marilyn). To check with Bob about theatre group involvement.

A sub-group be set up, with Members invited to get involved (Richard & Marilyn volunteered). Investigate grant funding, serving of refreshments or involve Captain & Cook.

13 Next meeting was set as 25th February (subsequently as Chairman unable to make this date - suggest 18th February)

Minutes: 21st January 2015
Notes on the meeting held at Stanhope Hall, for showing of the 'Great War' film and short meeting.
Notes on meeting of Horncastle History & Heritage Society held on the 21st January 2015, 7.30pm at Stanhope Hall Meeting Room.
Present:  Approximately 13 members and 20 visitors including WW1 Committee members

This meeting consisted of a showing of the film show put together for the ‘Great War’ event which took place in September 2014 and was primarily to allow the people who worked on the Exhibition the opportunity to see the films. They consisted of :
a film of the Grimsby Pals,
a film of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand,  
some silent film sequences from the Imperial War Museum Archives showing Belgian Refugees, etc
A sequence of extracts from the Barnsley Pals talking about living in trenches and going over the top
A series of film shots ‘Life in the Trenches’
A short American film entitled ‘ World War One’ which tracked the progress, or lack of it, of the War and         was completely actual film from the war, no re-enactments.
At the end of the film, non-members left and Members were updated on current Planning issues including Mareham Road Inquiry, & the Reindeer Close application.

Members were then updated on current projects:
Airmen Statues for RAF Ingham Heritage Centre, which David Lawrence, David Birchall & Bob Wayne have been asked to produce following the success of the Horse statues.  This is a real credit to them, as the request came after seeing the horse statues and admiring them.

Yarnstream –Horncastle W1 have been given permission to yarnstream the horse statues for the SO Festival.  This will bring them into the forefront of the festival.

Information Board: David Lawrence is designing an information board for siting near the horse statues.  It is hoped that funding may be available from the ELDC Councillors.

Planters –Dorothy & Marilyn will be planting up again in the Spring.  Anyone who wants to help or contribute plants etc., please let us know.

Lord Langton of Wragby – a suggestion has been made that Lord Langton,(Magna Carta fame) was actually from Langton by Horncastle, and this is being investigated by some of the historians amongst our Members.
HOD September –Tudor Theme, Lincolnshire Uprising – David Birchall volunteered for the committee. Others welcome.

Wall Art – Hope Rod will get back to this shortly. 
New Ideas
Suggestion that the Post office wall and an alleyway would benefit from some artwork.  David Birchall will liaise with others to ascertain feasibility. Probably a painting of ‘backs’ or ‘rooftops’, etc.
Blue Plaque on Lloyds Bank – needs refurbishing.  Trevor Butterworth & David Birchall volunteered.
Flood Defences – the new flood scheme will be on display at the library.  A response from the  HHHS to be compiled by Michael Hieatt working with David Lawrence & Bob Wayne. Your comments welcomed.

Christmas Fair 2014
Our stall at the Christmas Fair was a great success and raised much needed funds for the Society

Members worked hard to present an attractive stall at the Christmas Fair on November 30th.  A large selection of chocolates and chocolate cakes for the Tombola attracted the crowds, and those who couldn't eat chocolates took part in the 'guess the square game' devised and drawn by our own David Lawrence, for the wonderful basket of fruit donated by Johnson's.  We also sold some scarves and jewellery and pictures of old Horncastle and this all helped to raise the wonderful sum of £335.

Horncastle Christmas Market 2014

Coffee Morning
Saturday 27th September, 2014

Not the most successful coffee morning

Despite the efforts of a lot of our Members the coffee morning attracted very little interest from the population of Horncastle.  We had lots of books, cakes, pictures of historic Horncastle and a good display on the floods of Horncastle and a terrific raffle.  But we did not have the people for some reason.

At the end of the day we raised just £62 from which the hire of the Community Centre must be taken, so not a lot of return on our efforts.

We must aim to do a bit better at our stall on the Christmas market on the 30th November.  Your ideas for the stall would be very welcome to the Executive Committee.

Visit to WW1 exhibition at Lincolnshire Life Museum

As part of our research for the Horncastle Great War event and its legacy, a group comprising Members of HHHS, the U3A and The Lions visited the exhibition at Lincolnshire Life Museum.

The 3 hours we spent there were hardly enough to explore the museum fully.  The WW1 exhibition focuses on the Lincolnshire Regiments in the war, as the site was originally their barracks, and on local family memories.  It provided us with many ideas for our own displays.

After lunch at the very reasonably priced café, we enjoyed reminiscing over the displays of life as it used to be, and sometimes unfortunately, as some of us remembered, the displays of shops, homes and work places were excellent.

The WW1 exhibition continues until the 4th January 2015 and is well worth a visit.  Entrance is free.

Horncastle's Great War Exhibition
13th and 14th September
(For a review of the exhibition see "History --> Horncastle In The Great War")


Several groups within the town (see below) have been working for a year now on an event that will truly represent the ways in which Horncastle and its immediate surrounds were affected by the First World War.

A great deal of research has been undertaken into such things as the effects on agriculture, the changes to women working, the possibility of influxes of Belgian Refugees, the effects of the Spanish Flu at the end of the war and whether the population of the workhouse was affected by returning soldiers or widows etc.  Some of the answers to these questions have been surprising and you can find out at this event on Saturday and Sunday 13th & 14th September at the Stanhope Hall.

We also have for your interest a display of uniforms of the First World War, replica guns, and even a full sized model tank.  There will also be a trench scene and a hospital scene set up and acted by the Theatre Company and a collection of Horncastle Newspapers for all the war years and other memorabilia.

In the Meeting Room there will be a rolling programme of films, including one about the Grimsby Pals, and some Lincolnshire dialect poetry readings and music.

On Saturday afternoon there will be a flypast by a Dakota and on Sunday we will conclude the day with a Drumhead service of remembrance by the Royal British Legion.

Of course, the main part of our event will be remembrance of the Horncastle soldiers who died or were injured in the war and each soldier will have a personal record of their war time activities and family memories on display. If your family is not local, we have a facility available on the day to find out about your ancestors and their part in the war.

We have been fortunate enough to obtain Lottery funding for this event so entry is free and we hope you will come along and find out a little more about this time and, like me, learn perhaps the true horror and sacrifices made by so many young men.

Timetable of Events
10.00am Opening of Exhibition in Main Hall
10.30am Film - Grimsby Pals - Meeting Room
11.15am War Poetry Readings - Meeting Room
11.30am Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
12 noon Sounds of war by Imperial War Museum
12.30pm Film - Grimsby Pals - Meeting Room
1.10pm Dakota flypast (approx. time)
1.15pm War Poetry Readings - Meeting Room
1.30pm Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
2.00pm Sounds of war by Imperial War Museum
2.30pm Film - Grimsby Pals - Meeting Room
3.15pm War Poetry Readings - Meeting Room
3.30pm Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
4.00pm Sounds of war by Imperial War Museum
5.00pm Close
10.00am Opening of Exhibition in Main Hall
10.30am Film - Grimsby Pals - Meeting Room
11.15am War Poetry Readings - Meeting Room
11.30am Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
12 noon Sounds of war by Imperial War Museum
12.30pm Film - Grimsby Pals - Meeting Room
1.15pm War Poetry Readings - Meeting Room
1.30pm Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
2.00pm Sounds of war by Imperial War Museum
2.30pm Film - Grimsby Pals - Meeting Room
3.15pm War Poetry Readings - Meeting Room
3.30pm Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
4.00pm Sounds of war by Imperial War Museum
4.30pm Drum Head Service of Remembrance by the Royal British Legion
5.00pm Close


Cars were donated by local firm to take volunteers to Lincoln Station
Cars were donated by local
firm to take volunteers
to Lincoln Station
Soldiers outside Horncastle Drill Hall
Soldiers outside
Horncastle Drill Hall
Nursing staff at old Drill Hall - Red Cross Hospital
Nursing staff at old Drill Hall
Red Cross Hospital
Embroidered card
Embroidered card
Lincolnshire Regiment war memorial in Drill Hall Lincoln
Lincolnshire Regiment war memorial in Drill Hall Lincoln

Horncastle Cyclists visit the Western Front

Horncastle Cyclists visit the Western Front

As part of Horncastle's WW1 commemoration, keen local cyclists Graham Silverton and Pete Richardson, known collectively as 'Team Bloke', forged a direct link with the Western Front by riding a 350-mile route across Belgium and Northern France, visiting key battlefields, cemeteries and memorials.  Their aim was to locate and photograph the resting places of 27 of the town’s fallen who lie between Ypres and Compiegne.

Their first lap ended at the Menin Gate at Sundown on August 4th - the exact date on which Britain entered the Great War - with a parade, laying of wreaths and of course 'the last post'.  Their route then took them to Tyne Cott Cemetery, Loos Memorial, Vimy Ridge, Arras Cemetery, Theipval Memorial, Villiers Bretonneux (Australian National Memorial) and Compiegne, where the Armistace was signed.  The tour finished in Paris with, as Graham said, "A lot of recovery beer!".

During their 5-day Tour, Team Bloke succeeded in tracing and photographing the inscriptions commemorating the 27.  The results will be on show during the Horncastle's Great War event.

Said Peter: "Finding our 'boys' and paying our quiet respects added a great sense of purpose to the ride.  Of course, many more townsmen fell in other locations across this huge area."  Graham agreed: "It was a privilege and pleasure to find and remember the 27 amongst the many, many thousands."

'Team Bloke' will be present throughout Horncastle's Great War, along with their cycles and a short visual presentation of their tour.

Groups and Individuals Involved

Horncastle History & Heritage Society
(formerly Civic Society)

Horncastle U3A

Royal British Legion

Horncastle Lions

British Red Cross

Horncastle Theatre Group

Sir Joseph Banks Society

Bartletts Battlefields Tours

Leighton Shaw


War Memorial Hospital Committee

Horncastle Freemasons

Heritage Lottery Fund

First World War Centenary Led By IWM (Imperial War Museum) Heritage Lottery Fund East Lindsey Live
First World War - Memorials Of Lincolnshire
Presentation and Display by Mike Credland
7.30pm Wednesday 10th September 2014

Memorial CentreFirst World War

Memorials Of Lincolnshire

Presentation & Display

By Mike Credland

To start our Commemoration Weekend of Horncastle's Great War at Horncastle College, Mareham Road, at 7.30pm on Wednesday 10th September 2014.

Non Members £2.00


First Woeld War Centenary led by IWM (Imperial War Museum) Heritage Open Days

A very successful presentation.  Mike talked about the 295 Memorials in Lincolnshire and their architects and designs.  He also described the thought that went into the battlefield memorials in France & Belgium, the use of Portland Stone and the quote by Rudyard Kipling on all the memorials 'Their Name Liveth for Evermore'.  His recent book 'War Memorials of Lincolnshire' was available for sale at the meeting.  It was a fascinating and informative evening.



Event: A "Green" Day Out
A most interesting visit to Lincoln's historic Guildhall, 6th September 2012.

Press Release from Horncastle Civic Society

A group of Horncastle Civic Society members enjoyed a most interesting visit to Lincoln's historic Guildhall on Thursday 6th of September. To set an example of civic responsibility and reduce their carbon footprint the group elected to use public transport. Their trip started therefore in Horncastle Market Place when the Chair Mary Silverton led her party aboard a purple No 6 bus.

At Lincoln the party of sixteen were welcomed by the Mayor's Officer Joe Cooke. The conducted tour started with the Society sitting around the highly polished table in the Council Chamber. Having no useful business to conduct they were then called to order by the ringing of the 14C bell and proceeded via the robing room to inspect a display of seals including the City Charter dating back to 1157.

The highly polished table in the Council Chamber.

The visit concluded in the strong room in front of the magnificent display of city plate and regalia said to be one of the country's finest. The priceless display included the sword presented to Lincoln by Richard ll in 1387 and examples of 20th century weaponry in the form of solid silver models of HMS Lincoln together with Lancaster and Vulcan bombers presented by local RAF stations.

The Guildhall is open for free conducted tours most Fridays and on the first Saturday of each month and the Civic Society would certainly recommend a visit. To make it a really fun experience, get a group of friends to join you travelling by bus, quick, clean and devoid of parking problems.

Members of Horncastle Civic Society outside Lincoln's historic Guildhall.

For more information contact Mary Silverton, Society Chairman, on 01507 523091.

Submitted by Bob Wayne  01507 527366.

Event: We owe a lot to the Romans
An illuminating talk on what life was like for ordinary Romans and the people in the many counties they conquered.

The Civic Society was very pleased to welcome Sheila Jonkers to their meeting on the 1st August at the Admiral Rodney.

Sheila gave an illuminating talk on what life was like for ordinary Romans and the people in the many counties they conquered. Despite their war like appearance, they appeared not to disrupt the everyday life of Celts living in rural Britain during their occupation, but their legacy is still felt today.

We owe them our written language, urban living, our roads, parts of our democracy, many of the words that we use every day, and certainly the use of Latin as the universal language for medicine, plants, etc.

Her talk was not about the facts and figures that many of us know from our school days, but Sheila managed to illustrate to the Society what every day living was like in those times, the format of their villas, their family groups, their use of slaves, their eating habits and their bathing and toileting habits.

Living With The Romans

Meeting Dates for 2016

Proposed Dates of meetings for 2016 & 2017. All meetings to be held at the Admiral Rodney at 7.30pm, unless otherwise stated.


18th January

Mike Fowler - Railways & particularly Horncastle branch line

15th March

Richard D'Arcy - Smuggling on the Lincolnshire Coast


30th April 

Lincolnshire Voices of the Great War Exhibition 

10am to 4pm Stanhope Hall 

17th May


19th July

Alan Maskell - Lincolnshire Fire Service

10th September 

Heritage Open Day Event -Horrid History of Horncastle, Tour of Victorian Police cells & exhibition at Chatterton's Solicitors. 

20th September

Francis Dymoke - The Queen's Champion 

15 November

Crissie Chapman - Katherine Swynford, Daughter of Lincolnshire & Mother of a Dynasty. 

Subject to availability